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In Brief



The Sound Environment Center has published a number of reports on various sound environment topics. These can be ordered from Center´s website, and are also availbale as full text pdf-files for download. So far most publications are in Swedish, but a growing number are being published in English for international readers (see separate page).

Research projects
A number of research projects associated with the Center have received external funding such as ”Speakers Comfort - Voice Health in Teaching Environments” (funding: AFA, Sweden), ”Health Effects of the Combined Exposure to Airborne Particles and Noise” (funding: FORMAS), ”Music, Eye Movements and Reading Comprehension”(funding: Sparbanken Finn Framtidsstiftelse, Sweden). 

Sound Prize of the Swedish Acoustic Society 
The Sound Environment Center at Lund University was awarded The Swedish Acoustic Society´s Sound Prize 2008 for ”the innovative mobilization the Center constitutes, with the aim of coordinating and initiating interdisciplinary sound environmental projects, with the human being in focus. Through interaction with society and contacts with industry and enterprize, knowledge of sound is transmitted for the benefit of human health and well being.”

The Center has, since its start, arranged a series of interdisciplinary symposiums on specific themes with relation to the study of sound environments. To each one a number of prestigious speakers and researchers have been invited and given the opportunity to present and discuss new research crossing the borders of their individual disciplines. 

Recent themes have been: ”Noise in the Wind” on wind turbine noise [2011], ”Sound Environment Health and Urban Planning” [2010]. Among earlier themes may be mentioned ”Sound, Mind and Emotion”, ”Sounds in History”, ”Sound and Health”, ”Sound Design”, “Seductive Sounds” etc.

In 2010 the Center arranged a Scandinavian conference in Lund of young researchers entitled “Man & Sound Environment 2010” in collaboration with the Swedish Noise Research Network.


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